Nexus detailing services deliver the highest standards of excellence in our auto and boat detailing programs. From 15 foot bow-riders, to 100 foot yachts, we offer the finest marine services in the area. We are centrally located in Duluth, GA. Whether we are bringing a boat back to life or continuing a regular monthly maintenance program, we will conduct our work with the utmost attention to detail. Regular washdowns go a long way towards preventing unnecessary erosion. Preventive protection will keep your boat glistening, while extending its life and reducing depreciation.


Signature gelcoat management and protection, waxing, washing, pre-sale boat preparation, winterizing cleaning, polishing, as well as carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Wash and Wax

A step above your average boat washing. We use a non abrasive wash & wax which prevents stripping any of the boat wax coating protecting your gel coat. We further add a separate 'quick wax' spray before drying.

Oxidation Removal and Wax

We rarely use hard, abrasive rubbing compounds -- these literally scrape the oxidation off of the gel coat. We use the latest liquid Oxidation Remover that simply washes off oxidation to bring back the shine without any abrasion. This is followed by the application of boat wax -- with a professional grade marine wax -- providing a long lasting shine. This service truly brings boat detailing to a whole new level.


Only used for heavily oxidized boats, our rubbing compounds can restore heavily sun faded yachts to their original luster. We use a two or three step process to bring your gel coat back.

Leather and Vinyl Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and conditioning of all leather and vinyl. Once our vinyl & leather cleaner has brought your upholstery back, our conditioner will ensure they remain supple and protected against the elements.

If you're looking to keep your vessel standing tall, let us come aboard and you'll see the difference.

All detailing quotes are custom and free of charge. Quotes over the phone are available immediately. If you spend some time with us on the phone, we can give you an accurate price for the work required. There isn't a set price list, because each boat has been maintained differently, and each boat owner is looking for something different. For example, some people want their boats in perfect condition, while others might want to just prep a boat that they are trying to sell. Finding out what a monthly maintanence package might cost for a boat in good condition is simply a matter of the size of the boat. Restoring a 25 year old sailboat that's been neglected, will probably require an on-site inspection. Either way, we can give you an idea of what any specific job will cost based on a few questions.