Exterior Care

Our exterior detail includes cleaning and bringing a shine to the cars paint, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and even tires. To do this, we use high quality products, including detergents, detail clay, waxes, and polishes, as well as a variety of applicators and special cloths. It is important to note the 5-step paint care cycle recommended by Meguiar's which includes washing, cleaning, polishing, protecting, and maintaining.

-Washingremoves lose contaminants like dust, dirt, and road film that is sitting on top of your cars finish. It is recommended to wash your car at least once a week to keep your car looking its absolute best and free of contaminants.

-Cleaning: refers to removing defects like oxidation, stains, swirls, overspray, and all foreign surface particles from exterior surfaces for achieving crystal clear reflections and long lasting protection. A clay bar helps to clean contamination/dirt from the clearcoat that cannot be removed through weekly washing. Clearcoat contamination can come from industrial fallout, air particles, tar, and animal droppings. If the car is in good conditions and free of defects, cleaning step can be skipped.

-Polishing: can be done using mechanical polishes with a machine and specific polishing pads that remove a fine layer of clearcoat from a vehicle to remove fine scratches and swirls from a paint surface. Hand polishing is also available upon customer request.

-Protecting: involves the application of a protective material (in liquid or paste form) that prevents foreign matter from adhering to the surface of the vehicle, including water, bug splatter, tar, and dirt. Waxes and sealants provide this barrier against those harsh elements.

-Maintaining: This step is all about keeping your car looking its best. It is recommended to wax your car 3 to 4 times a year.

Interior Care

Just as important as keeping your car's exterior clean, having a clean interior is an essential part of up keep and preventive maintenance. Our interior detail involves cleaning the passenger compartment of the car. Vacuuming is standard. The main components of interior car detailing are the dash/console/door pannels, upholstery, and carpeting. Liquid cleaners, brushes, applicators, and air tools are used to accomplish proper cleaning. Some nonporous surfaces such as leather or suede may also be treated.

-Dash/console/door pannels are cleaned using an air tool and a soft brush to get into all of the hard to reach areas such as air vents, panel seams, and radio buttons. An interior cleaner helps get the remaining dirt on your dashboard, rubber door moldings and interior trim. You may request a cleaner that will allow you to get the look and feel you desire.

-Upholstery refers to all seating areas. Whether you have fabric, leather, or suede, we have special cleaning methods for all of these. 

-Carpets are done using a carpet extractor, a scrub brush, and a pre spot cleaner. The cleaner is directly applied on the area to be cleaned to penetrate the carpet. Next, the spot is scrubbed to break up the dirt particles. After scrubing the carpet, the spot is extracted to suck up all the dirt that has been loosened.

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